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Google Analytics and Metrics Watch for Social Media

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You may already be using Metrics Watch or Hootsuite for your social media analysis. You may not know, but Google Analytics can be used as well. To determine which social networks are performing well, you need to be able to view the amount of traffic that you receive from social channels. Here are some tools to help you see the true picture of your visitors. These tools allow for you to segment visitors according to their behavior on your website.

Metrics Watch

Metrics Watch is an excellent tool to track the performance of your website. This tool isn't just for social media. It can also be used in tracking social campaigns. With consistent monitoring, you can better understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and measure social ROI. You can also create keyword analytics for Instagram and Twitter. This will help you determine which social media sites drive the most traffic to your site.

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Hootsuite social analytics can help you track your online marketing efforts. Your digital marketing strategy should include a basic analysis of social media channels. Make sure it is in place. It is also possible to compare metrics chronologically. With Hootsuite, you can find out which posts are effective and which ones fail miserably. There are four subscription packages: Starter to Professional, Basic to Professional, Enterprise and Enterprise.


Scraawl is a multi-platform social analytics and monitoring tool for enterprises. Its suite offers a variety of analytical tools that allow you to analyze, visualize, and compare social media posts, hashtags as well as users. Scraawl2.0 offers advanced analytics such as influence discovery, sentiment analysis and topic modeling. It also detects bots. You will also get a wide range of insights that will help you to better understand your brand.


All aspects of our lives have been affected by the rapid advancement of information technology. The emergence of social media was one of the most important developments of recent years. Mobile devices have made a significant impact on the growth of social media. More than half of online time is spent on mobile devices today. Social media platforms have made it possible to stay connected wherever and whenever you want. Social media is an integral part of our daily lives thanks to its many applications.

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Urchin tracking module

Urchin tracking module can be used to analyze social media marketing campaigns. UTM, which stands to represent "Urchin tracking module", allows you track visitors' clicks as well as their behaviors. This is a powerful tool for marketers because it will tell you what marketing tactics are driving the most sales. You will need these three simple steps to use the Urchin Tracking Module:


Can I do my content marketing by myself or with a team?

Your budget, skills, and experience will all play a role in the answer. If you don’t have enough resources to hire someone for content creation, distribution, optimization, and maintenance tasks, you’ll need to learn how it’s done yourself.

A support system is essential if you want to be successful in content marketing.

A content agency or strategist can help you save time, money and get better results.

It is not possible to be successful if you don't work hard and deliver high-quality content. A solid content strategy is crucial.

What's the main purpose of content marketing

Content marketing aims to create valuable and relevant information for customers. This can be done via email campaigns, blog posts, white papers, and other channels. Delivering value to your audience is the key.

What is Content Marketing?

It involves creating useful and relevant content on your website. This content could include text, images and infographics.


  • In fact, would pay more for a better customer experience, and 86% of B2B buyers would pay more. (neilpatel.com)
  • An example of an overarching goal could be: "In 2022, we want to achieve a 20% increase in revenue created by organic content and generate 15,000 MQLs with a budget of $30,000." (semrush.com)
  • To further show the importance of this, 89% of people have stopped doing business with a company because of a poor experience. (neilpatel.com)
  • According to our research, brand awareness, attracting traffic, and generating leads remain the key content marketing goals in 2022. (semrush.com)
  • Measure your goals with a progress indicator of 0-100%. Make your goals collaborative and transparent (semrush.com)
  • Out of the 1,500 marketers we surveyed for our State of Content Marketing report, 78% who felt their content marketing strategy was exceptionally effective in 2021 had documented their strategy. (semrush.com)
  • According to our research, 65% of companies with very successful content marketing in 2021 ran content audits at least twice a year. (semrush.com)
  • Seventy-two percent business to business (B2B) (mailchimp.com)

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What are the best content-marketing platforms?

Although no platform is perfect for every industry, most industries have at minimum one preferred tool. Hubspot, for example, has been shown to increase conversion rates by nearly 50%. This is why it is so popular among marketers.

Not all tools are created equally. Some offer better analytics tracking, others allow for easier collaboration between different teams, and others offer features such as A/B testing that may improve your content marketing ROI.

Before you decide to choose a platform, consider the following: Which platforms have the best pros and cons? Does it suit my needs now or in the future? And what about in 2 years?

Entrepreneur Magazine lists the top five content-marketing platforms.

Content Marketing Platform #1: Marketo Content Studio

Marketo is an enterprise social media management software provider. It offers a wide range of products, including CRM software and social publishing tools.

A content studio is also available that allows businesses to access a collection of pre-made graphics and templates that can be customized into custom designs.

This means you don't have to spend hours designing new graphics or writing unique pieces of content. Instead, focus on creating content that is relevant to your audience.

Marketo makes it easy for you to upload videos and images to your blog posts. This improves the visual appeal of your posts and encourages readers to engage with them.

The downside is that if you want to edit your video or image files, you'll have to upload them to Marketo first.

Trello: Content marketing platform#2

Trello is similar with Kanban boards in project administration. They both feature lists of tasks on which users can assign and monitor progress.

Trello lets you set up boards for each person on your team and assign specific responsibilities. Trello allows workers to easily share information.

However, unlike Kanban boards, Trello doesn't require any special software to run. Trello can be used on almost any device.

Trello is a great way to invite people and collaborate on projects without having access to sensitive data.

This allows you to create a private forum and only reveal the necessary details to others who need them to complete a task.

Google Suite Content Marketing Platform 3

Google offers a variety of products specifically designed for business owners. Google Docs is a Google Suite that includes Sheets, Slides and Slides.

These applications aren’t free. Each user will be charged separately. However, if you are planning to use them all for different purposes, several plans start at $5 a month.

For example, if you want to create a document and embed a link from another website, you would need to purchase two licenses.

But if you want to just create one document, it is possible to do so free of charge.

Google tools can be integrated with other apps such as Gmail. This is a huge advantage. Google tools allow you to easily email documents and save data in Google Drive.

Hubspot Content Marketing Platform 4

HubSpot is a highly popular web-based marketing tool that offers plenty of functionality.

It allows users to manage many aspects of their blogs, landing pages and websites through the platform. You can use the platform to create automated emails or track conversions.

HubSpot is also compatible with Salesforce and WordPress. This means you can connect all three platforms.

HubSpot integrates easily with over 200 other third-party software applications. This allows you to automate processes and create reports based upon real-time data.

Although HubSpot won't allow you to publish content directly, you can export it in many formats, including HTML and PDF.

HubSpot offers an unlimited trial version of its pricing platform. However, once you upgrade to a premium account, you have unlimited access.

So whether you are looking for a blog platform, an eCommerce solution, or anything else, try out HubSpot today.



Google Analytics and Metrics Watch for Social Media